Outcomes and Objectives - Overview of Linkages

New Zealand’s defence policy is set out in the 2010 Defence White Paper. The Defence Force plays an important part in the all-of-government approach to national security.

Acting in a lead or supporting role, the Defence Force contributes to the following national security interests :

  • a safe and secure New Zealand, including its border and approaches;
  • a rules-based international order, which respects national sovereignty;
  • a network of strong international linkages; and
  • a sound global economy underpinned by open trade routes.

In pursuing New Zealand’s security interests, the NZDF expresses defence policy objectives in terms of Defence Outcomes*.

While the NZDF is constitutionally the sole provider of military forces, it is not the sole contributor to Defence Outcomes. The Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand Customs Service, New Zealand Police, and other departments and agencies also contribute to the outcomes. 

The Defence Force’s outcomes are:

  • A secure New Zealand, including its people, land, territorial waters, EEZ, natural resources, and critical infrastructure.
  • Reduced risks to New Zealand from regional and global insecurity.
  • New Zealand values and interests advanced.
  • New Zealand is able to meet future national security challenges.

Full descriptions of Defence Outcomes are available in the current Statement of Intent [Section 4, page 34]

The following diagram outlines the linkages involved in the Defence Force's frameworks.


* The word 'outcome' means a state or condition of society, the economy, or the environment, and includes a change in that state or condition.

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