Doing Business with Defence

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) encourages and welcomes strong, innovative, supplier relationships. We hope the information here provides existing and prospective suppliers with a clear, consistent, and accessible method of doing business with the NZDF.

As a large taxpayer-funded organisation with over 10,000 full-time service and civilian men and women, plus 2,500 territorial force and reserve personnel, it is incumbent upon the NZDF to strive for excellence in the way that it uses those funds to generate all capabilities.

There will always be some important differences between the way that a defence force trains for and conducts military operations and develops the future force and the way that businesses operate in the civilian sector; but there are also many similarities, particularly in management of support functions.

Doing business with Defence

The group that works with outside suppliers is known as Defence Commercial Services. It supports the New Zealand Defence Force through a coordinated approach to managing our contracts and procurement.

Terms and Conditions

The NZDF Purchase Order Terms and Conditions can be found here:


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