Overseas Operations

New Zealand has a history of contributing to international efforts to resolve conflict. The New Zealand Defence Force is a valued international coalition partner committed to peace and security, and regularly works alongside international partners on operations and exercises throughout the world.

It is in New Zealand’s interests to play a leadership role in the South Pacific, acting in concert with our neighbours, helping to maintain stability, enhance regional security capabilities, and promote good governance and economic and social development .

New Zealand Defence Force Personnel are deployed on major peace support operations, training missions and into headquarters positions around the world.

Note: not all information can be released to the public for various reasons – for example security concerns in order to keep NZDF personnel safe from potential threats.

Support to Other Government Agencies

In addition to these mandated deployments, the NZDF works with other government agencies such as New Zealand Police, the Department of Conservation, New Zealand Customs Service and the Ministry for Primary Industries. Together with these agencies, the NZDF conducts activities within New Zealand, the Pacific and the Southern Ocean to protect our resources, enforce protected areas, build experience and capability, and provide lifesaving aid when required.

This page was last reviewed on 30 January 2019.