Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Joint)

The Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Joint), ICSC(J), is an intense, six-week residential course which aims to prepare selected Junior Officers for Major (E) responsibilities.

The target population includes New Zealand Defence Force officers of Captain equivalent rank together with selected officers of equivalent rank from a foreign military service.

Based on adult learning methodologies, the ICSC(J) aims to develop a high standard of written and oral communication skills through the use of essays, syndicate discussions and oral presentations.

The syllabus includes a study on the nature of war; an understanding of Single Service as well as Tri Service roles and tasks; an introduction to joint warfare; the development of strategic concepts; introduction to world politics and an overview of principles of command leadership and management, including practical applications.

Course members who successfully complete the ICSC(J) will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

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