Reporting Sexually Harmful Behaviour

Disclosure Pathways

Any member of the NZDF who has been affected by harmful or unwanted sexual behaviour can, at any time, contact the NZ Police or ring 111 in an emergency.

NZDF has implemented two-track reporting to provide personnel who are victims/survivors of harmful sexual behaviour a choice about how they wish their report to be dealt with. The two pathways are called Restricted Disclosures and Unrestricted Disclosures, and are explained below.

What is Restricted Disclosure?

A restricted disclosure allows victims/survivors to access support and information only. No formal investigations are commenced.  A restricted disclosure can be changed to an unrestricted disclosure at any time.

Why we have restricted Disclosure

The objective of the restricted disclosure pathway is to provide a safe system under which military members who are victims/survivors of harmful sexual behaviour can feel comfortable coming forward and reporting their experiences, without involving MPs, Command, or the New Zealand Police. This is so they can receive appropriate support to assist them in their recovery.  Restricted disclosures are only available to victims/survivors of harmful sexual behaviour, and can only be made directly to a SAPRA or an NZDF Medical Officer.

Confidentiality and safety considerations

Although SAPRAs strive to keep all restricted disclosures confidential, we may not be able to maintain complete confidentiality in cases where we are concerned about safety. If any person involved in the offence is under 17 years old, or if escalation is necessary to prevent a serious threat to the safety of any person, or if it serves an obvious public interest, then a disclosure can not remain restricted. We will talk to you about this before any action is taken.

Unrestricted Disclosure

An unrestricted disclosure triggers notification to Command and commencement of a formal investigation.  An unrestricted disclosure cannot be changed to a restricted disclosure.

Why we have Unrestricted Disclosure

The objective of an unrestricted disclosure is to provide guidance and co-ordination of support while a formal investigation takes place. Unrestricted disclosures require Command and the appropriate authorities (e.g. Military Police, New Zealand Police, and/or Command) to be notified, and may lead to criminal proceedings under either the Military or civilian justice system. Your wishes may influence who carries out the investigation, and/or the extent of the investigative or prosecution action taken.

Unrestricted disclosures are made when a victim/survivor would like the incident to be formally investigated, or when another person bound by the AFDA becomes aware of the incident and reports it in accordance with s. 102 AFDA and DM 69.

All NZDF uniformed personnel who witness or became aware of a sexual assault, with the exception of Medical Officers (Doctors), must report it through the chain of Command or to a SAPRA.  This is in accordance with s.102 of the Armed Forces Discipline Act (ADFA). Any person subject to the Act that becomes aware of a well-founded allegation must cause the incident to be investigated.


Making an unrestricted disclosure does not mean that everyone should or will know about you or what happened to you. Your SAPRA will work with you to ensure that your details are disclosed only to those who need to know

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Advisors (SAPRAs)

SAPRAs are subject matter experts in the field of sexual violence. SAPRAs provide advice and information to all NZDF personnel on sexual violence prevention strategies and best practice for the response to cases of sexual violence. This includes advice, information and support for victims/survivors, command and bystanders.

Types of situations we can assist with:

  • Indecent assaults
  • Sexual Violations
  • Indecent acts
  • Harmful Digital Communications Act offences
  • Sexualised behaviour in the workplace

Contact us:

If this is an emergency please call emergency services on 111.

You can contact a SAPRA by:

  • Free call NZ - 0800 6933 24

Call nationally or internationally

  • National (04) 527 5799
  • International +64 4 527 5799

Call a regional SAPRA

  • Northern Region (Whenuapai/Papakura) Dan 021 908 424
  • Northern Region (Devonport) Sarah 021 913 608
  • Central Region (Linton/Ohakea/Waiouru ) Danelle 021 913 645
  • Wellington Region (Trentham/NZDF HQ/JOINT) Mel 021 913 673
  • Southern Region (Burnham/Woodbourne) Elyse 021 913 691

External Resources
Safe to talk 0800 044 334. 24/7, private and confidential info and support online, toll free, text or email for anyone affected by sexual harassment, sexual abuse or sexual assault including families of the person accused.
National organisation for sexual violence services in New Zealand. Has up to date contact details for agencies in New Zealand including kaupapa Maori, male peer support, Harmful Sexual Behaviour agencies.
ACC link for finding Suppliers who ‘umbrella’ people working in private practice (including Counsellors, Clinical Psychologists and Social Workers who are registered with ACC)
Doctors for Sexual Abuse care Incorporated (DSAC) is a national organisation of doctors and nurses formed to develop and maintain standards of best practice in the delivery and medical services in New Zealand in the area of sexual assault / sexual abuse.
New Zealand website with info and resources for rainbow communities re partner and sexual violence Auckland survivor agency, 24/7 crisis support, counselling and resources.
New Zealand website with info and resources for rainbow communities re partner and sexual violence.
Australian website with resources, including an app, for men who have been sexually abused as children or sexually assaulted as adults and their friends, family.
Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault - survivor agencies providing support to children, women and men who are survivors of sexual violence. Their site includes fact sheets and short videos for the survivor as well as friends and family.
US Department of Veterans Affairs. Some good info re PTSD.
A New Zealand website with Info for young people, parents, professionals about all aspects of internet safety  including scams, sexting and much more.
A New Zealand website with information re STIs, the hymen etc.
A UK website with a wide variety of resources including video, for families about child sexual abuse which includes internet safety.
An Australian website for adults with practical info and guidance around anything to do with parenting including: sexual development, sexual health and sexual safety.
0800 111 757    Text 4202
A New Zealand website with resources for people experiencing depression as well as friends, families, colleagues.

Behaviour Continuum

The Sexual Ethics and Respectful Relationships continuum highlights a spectrum of behaviour ranging from healthy and respectful to harmful and illegal.

All personnel of the New Zealand Defence Force must operate in the green, call out behaviour in the yellow, intervene in the orange, and report behaviour in the red.


If this is an emergency please call emergency services on 111

Any member of the NZDF who has been affected by harmful or unwanted sexual behaviour can, at any time, contact the NZ Police or ring 111 in an emergency.

Call SART 0800

Free Call NZ 0800 693 324 Nationally call (04) 527 5799 Internationally call +64 4 527 5799

Use this contact Form to get in touch with a SAPRA

Use this contact Form to get in touch with a SAPRA

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