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The first page of the history sheet is divided into the following sections:


History Sheet Heading

The heading records that this is the History Sheet relating to Thomas Moir, Regimental Number 1481.

His Regiment is variously recorded as 4th Field Regiment New Zealand Artillery, 26th Field Battery NZA and finally 4th Field Regt. NZA.

His rank is recorded as Bdr [Bombardier], L/Sgt [Lance Sergeant] and then S/Sgt [Staff Sergeant].

This section also records that he was awarded the:

Outward and Inward Service

Outward and Inward Service

The section summarises Moir’s length of service in New Zealand and overseas.

Having ‘attested’ [that is, formally enlisted] into the New Zealand Army on 16 September 1939, he entered camp on 27th of the same month. His overseas service dates from the day that he embarked from New Zealand on 5 January 1940. He disembarked in Egypt on 12 February 1940.

For the ‘Inward Section’, the day that he returned to New Zealand is recorded as 4 August 1945. He was discharged from the Army in Wellington on 9 October 1945. He spent part of this time ‘transferred to the Area 4 Pool, Marched/In Leave Without Pay’, and was discharged “Grade I”.

In the ‘Service Section', his home service in New Zealand was counted from the day he entered camp to the last full day on New Zealand soil, 27 September 1939 to 4 January 1940; and from his first full day after returning to his date of discharge, 5 August 1945 to 9 November 1945, a total of 197 days.

His overseas service was counted from the day of his embarkation to his date of disembarkation in New Zealand, a total of 5 years and 212 days. His total service at home and abroad was thus 6 years and 44 days.

Next of Kin

Next of Kin contact information

This section records the person who was to be informed about the servicemen in the event of his being killed, captured, wounded or decorated. In Moir’s case this was changed from his father, Mr. G. Moir, to his mother, Mrs. I. Moir, his father again and then finally to his wife, Mrs. Rachael A. Moir. Also provided are their various addresses and the dates on which letters or forms requesting the change had been received.


This section was used to record details in the event of death, wounds or capture. In Moir’s case an additional slip of paper was required, which was glued to this section of the form.

Top Slip

Casualty Top slip

This records that on 4 September 1943 a cable was received recording that Moir was held prisoner by the Germans at Stalag XVIIIA, and that his next-of kin were informed two days later. On the 9 September his Prisoner of War Number was recorded as 5988. Finally, on the 26 May 1945 a cable was received that he was ‘Safe in the United Kingdom’ as of 23rd of that month.

Under Slip

Casualty Under Slip

This records earlier information about Moir. On 24 June 1941 a cable recorded that he was missing. On 7 August 1941 he was listed as being a Prisoner of War in Crete as of 13 July, although the report was “reliable but not official”.

The next news about Moir, sent on 23 April 1942, was that he had escaped. The clerk has thus recorded “Delete from Missing. Now safe in 2 NZEF Base Camp”. However, he was not to remain safe for long. Another message, received on 10 July, 1943, reported that he was once again a Prisoner of War in Germany, although this was “to be confirmed”. Finally, another message sent on 13 July stated that “Liaison reports: Prisoner of War. Have accepted as official. Previously detached 2 NZEF for Special Duty”.

Action After Return to New Zealand
or Discharge Abroad

Action After Return to NZ or Discharge Abroad

This section records that Moir’s final certificate of discharge, releasing him from all further active or reserve service was issued on 29 April 1947. Below is stamped his medal entitlement, recording that in addition to his two gallantry awards he was entitled to the following campaign medals:

It also records that the medals were issued to Moir and receipted on 30 May 1950.

History Sheet Page 1

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