Combined Maritime Forces (CMF)

New Zealand’s economic prosperity depends upon open sea, air and electronic lines of communication. The CMF is a multinational naval partnership of 31 nations, which exists to promote security, stability and prosperity within international waters.

The mission’s main focus is to defeat terrorism, prevent piracy, encourage regional cooperation, promoting a safe maritime environment and preventing drug and people trafficking.

New Zealand currently provides two staff officers to the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Headquarters in Bahrain who undertake strategic planning and operational watch-keeper roles. New Zealand also embeds officers on an ad hoc basis within Command Task Forces (CTFs) in CMF. An example is the deployment of a Chief Petty Officer embedded in the Japanese Self Defense Force Command Team for CTF 151 in February 2018 for three months.

The mandate for this deployment expires in June 2020.

This page was last reviewed on 21 May 2018, and is current.