Anzac Day Reference Material

Suggested Reading

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Suggested Reading for Primary Students

  • Beck, Jennifer and Robyn Belton. The Bantam and the Soldier. – Auckland: Scholastic, 1996.
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  • Harper, Glyn. The Donkey Man. – Auckland: Reed, 2004.
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    ANZAC: A Guide to ANZAC Day (Ministry for Culture and Heritage). Includes a virtual tour of the peninsula, maps, panoramas, along with short histories, and even contains Anzac biscuit recipes.
     This is Australia’s website on the significance of Anzac Day. It includes original letters, diaries, photos and drawings.
     The Australian War Memorial website. Includes resources on Anzac Day, as well as digitized versions of Australia’s Official Histories of World War I.
     This website contains much useful information about the naval aspects of the campaign.
     The Royal New Zealand Returned Services Association website.
     This website contains material on many different aspects of New Zealand history.
     The Encyclopedia of New Zealand, edited by A.H. McLintock, originally published in 1966.
    The Archives New Zealand site shows you how to obtain copies of the service files of New Zealanders who served in World War I.
    Images of New Zealand and New Zealanders from the Alexander Turnbull Library.
    Auckland War Memorial Museum's Cenotaph Database

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