Accountant Discovers Benefits of the Army Reserve

29 January 2019

Rose Yeoman wanted to take herself out of her comfort zone and some New Zealand Army training in Waiouru seemed the perfect way to challenge herself over the summer.

Ms Yeoman, 21, a former Sacred Heart Girls’ College student and newly graduated accountant from Taupiri, wanted to give something back to her country through service and set herself a goal that was a far cry from her fledgling accountancy career.

“I did consider joining the Army when I was at school, but decided instead to study accountancy and while doing that I learned about becoming a Reservist,” she said.

Ms Yeoman graduated alongside 86 other newly fledged New Zealand Army Reservists in Waiouru on Saturday.

“It’s been challenging and I definitely couldn’t have done it without the people around me and the comradeship and encouragement,” she said.

“It’s pushed me further than I thought and I’ve been able to do things I didn’t think I was capable of.”

The training had taught her to have a positive outlook in tough situations, she said.

“Out in the field it could be a bit miserable. You can be cold, wet and miserable, or just cold and wet – it’s your decision.”

She is looking forward to what the future offers and encourages anyone who is thinking about becoming an Army Reservist to just do it.

“Your mates get you through the tough times. It’s definitely worthwhile and has changed my outlook on life,” she said.

The New Zealand Army has about 1700 Reservists throughout the country in all walks of life and all sorts of jobs. They are everyday Kiwis who do their normal job in the community and then conduct military training in their spare time.

Army Reservists, who live, work and train in their local communities, are an important part of the New Zealand Defence Force.

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