Army Investigation into Recruit Training Centre at Waiouru

25 July 2018

Two members of the leadership team at The Army Depot at Waiouru have been replaced, and others have been removed from instructional duties while investigations into allegations of inappropriate behaviour within the unit take place.  

Military Police and command investigations are taking place into a number of offences and significant shortcomings, including inappropriate conduct, failure to follow standing orders, and failure to follow established procedures.  The investigations relate to seven personnel from The Army Depot. The two members of the leadership team at The Army Depot are not facing investigation.

The Chief of Army, Major General Peter Kelly said the priority was to complete the investigations to ensure proper procedure is followed at the Depot, which deals with the New Zealand Army’s recruit training.

Major General Kelly said: “As an Army, we hold ourselves to the highest levels of behaviour – well above those to which we are legally bound. Where we see performance and behaviours that do not match our expectations, we will act. The leadership changes we have made were put in place to move The Army Depot forward in a positive way.” 

It is anticipated that formal disciplinary proceedings will start in the near term. For reasons of privacy and legal process no further detail will be released at this stage.

For the reasons outlined above the New Zealand Defence Force will not be putting forward anyone for interview.

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