NZDF's Response to Baghak Claims

1 September 2017

The New Zealand Defence Force today responded to claims made in the Stuff documentary series, The Valley, in relation to the Baghak contact in 2012, and related matters.

Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant General (LTGEN) Tim Keating, says with regard to the NZSAS long-range reconnaissance patrol in 2004, he will respond publicly when all the information has been gathered: “This event took place 13 years ago, and we are taking time to gather all the facts, after which we will publicly respond.”

LTGEN Keating says a response to the claims regarding the Baghak contact was required after seeing what the documentary had contended. This response is attached.

The New Zealand Defence Force notes that Stuff Circuit staff have confirmed that they do not believe the New Zealand Defence Force is covering anything up about Baghak.

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