NZDF World Masters Team Wins Big at Games

NZDF Women’s Netball Team - Gold in the 30+ Netball at the World Masters Games
NZDF Women’s Netball Team - Gold in the 30+ Netball at the World Masters Games

1 May 2017

Over the past 10 days the 230-plus New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) team have been sweating it out to bring back 28 medals from the World Masters Games in Auckland.

The NZDF World Masters Games Team won 10 gold, 14 silver and four bronze medals, in both team and individual events.

The Games, held every four years, is the world’s largest multi-sport event, with an estimated 25,000 athletes from 100 countries participating in 28 sports.

The chair of the NZDF Sports Council,  Captain (CAPT) Corina Bruce,  said she is very proud of the effort the various teams put in over the course of the Games.

“Our athletes have had the opportunity to not only beat their personal bests but also represent us in sports and events such as archery, swimming, triathlon and cycling.

“Our people represent the diversity we have within the Defence Force from civilians to military of all ages groups competing in a huge variety of sports. Competing at the World Masters Games has been a fantastic opportunity for our people.

“Thank you to all the athletes, the NZDF and most of all the organisers, coaches and supporters that have made it such a wonderful event for all of our athletes,” she said.

As well as the NZDF team there were a number of NZDF personnel taking part in the Games as individual competitors or as a part of another team, and also enjoyed successful at the Games.

The goal for the World Masters Games is to encourage participation in sport throughout life in events where competition and camaraderie are celebrated equally.
The 17 NZDF teams competed in athletics, archery, basketball, cycling, football, golf, netball, orienteering, rugby, softball, volleyball, triathlon and touch.

Gold Medals

  • Brett Grieve – Men’s 35-39 Cycling Criterium
  • Rowan Brown – Men’s 30-34 Cycling Criterium
  • Chris Hurricks – Men’s Archery IFAA Field in Fingers Compound 40-49
  • Chris Hurricks – Men’s WA Target Bowhunter Unlimited 40-49
  • Chris Hurricks – Men’s WA Indoor Bowhunter Unlimited 40-49
  • Chris Hurricks – Men’s WA Archery Field in Fingers Compound 40-49
  • Brayden Grant – Men’s 30-34 800m
  • Women’s Netball Team – Women’s 30+ Netball
  • Shane Reed – Men’s 40-44 Triathlon
  • Andy Richardson – Men’s Decathlon

Silver Medals

  • Jamie Halla – Men’s 5000m (M40)
  • Andy Richardson – Men’s Long Jump
  • Brayden Grant – Men’s 30-34 400m
  • Brayden Grant – Men’s 30-34 200m
  • Andy Richardson – Men’s 50-54 Pole Vault
  • Gerard Bell – Men’s 35-39 Triathlon
  • Matt Lee – Men’s 30-34 Triathlon
  • Mel Childs – Women’s 40-44 Triathlon
  • Shanon Stallard – Men’s 35-39 Triathlon
  • Jamie Halla – Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
  • Christina Wilson – Women’s 35-39 Triathlon
  • Brett Grieve – Men’s Cycling Road Race
  • NZDF Football Team – Men’s 30+ Football
  • NZDF Men’s Relay Team – Men’s 4 x 400m Relay

Bronze Medals

  • Rowan Brown – Men’s 30-34 Cycling Time Trial
  • Andy Richardson – Men’s Javelin (M50)
  • Women’s Volleyball Team – Women’s 30+ Volleyball
  • Suzanne Landers – Women’s 30-34 Triathlon
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