NZDF World Masters Games Team Announced

13 February 2017

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) is sending a team of more than 220 competitors to the World Masters Games 2017 in Auckland from 21-30 April.

The Games, held every four years, is the world’s largest multi-sport event, with an estimated 25,000 athletes from 100 countries participating in 28 sports.

NZDF Sport Council chairwoman Captain Corina Bruce said the teams were ready to compete at this prestigious sporting event.

“The World Masters Games is a unique opportunity to showcase the breadth of sporting talent in the NZDF to New Zealand and abroad,” Captain Bruce said.

“This year the NZDF will be fielding a team that includes individual competitors, not just the traditional defence representative teams.” 

World Masters Games chief executive Jennah Wootten welcomed the NZDF team’s registration.

“One of the special characteristics of World Masters Games is the participation of groups such as this and we expect the NZDF team will be joined by representatives from other armed forces before registration closes on 3 March,” Wootten said.

Captain Bruce said an event such as the Games gave NZDF people the opportunity to represent themselves and the Defence Force at an international level.

“There are many within our ranks who will be wearing the NZDF colours for the first time,” she said.

The 17 NZDF teams are competing in athletics, basketball, cycling, golf, netball, orienteering, rugby, softball, volleyball, triathlon and touch.

NZDF sport promoted physical fitness, teamwork, development of personal qualities, comradeship and understanding, Captain Bruce said.

“We are proud of our sports personnel. The NZDF supports and promotes physical, mental and overall wellbeing for the benefit of performance in the workplace.” 

The goal for the World Masters Games is to encourage participation in sport throughout life in events where competition and camaraderie are celebrated equally.

Fitness is important to NZDF, with personnel having to pass an annual fitness test. You can test your own fitness levels by using the app Force Fit.

This page was last reviewed on 13 February 2017.