New Plymouth Man Wins NZDF Innovation of the Year Award

Major Stuart Tylee on the shooting range.
Major Stuart Tylee on the shooting range.

8 December 2016

Major Stuart Tylee has won the New Zealand Defence Force Innovation of the Year award for implementing an acoustic/electronic target system for New Zealand Army small-arms training.

As the NZDF Innovation of the Year award winner, Major Tylee is also in the running for the NZDF Person of the Year Award.

NZDF Joint Defence Services Chief Charlie Lott said Major Tylee’s innovative thinking had led to greater range safety, significantly reduced range staff stress and drastically improved training outcomes for soldiers undertaking small-arms training.

“Major Tylee’s commitment, from identifying the issue through to testing and implementing a pragmatic solution to the project has had real benefits for our soldiers and the NZDF and I am pleased to name him the NZDF Innovator of the Year,” Mr Lott said.
The theme for this year’s Innovation of the Year Award was using resources effectively to enhance combat capability.

Major Tylee, of New Plymouth, identified issues with the quality of coaching and development of recruit small-arms training. A competitive shooter in his own time and having been trained as a practising shooting coach as a non-commissioned officer, he looked to implement an acoustic target system, which would allow individuals to easily review their shooting data and decrease the amount of hands-on staffing, while increasing safety on the shooting range.

The system is also portable, meaning that it can be used in a variety of training circumstances.

Major Tylee said he was very grateful for the recognition entailed in the award and also for the support he received from colleagues in the development of the system.

“As a keen shooter and proud soldier, I am very happy this minor innovation has gained traction and has been a positive step forward for our training,” he said.

“I am looking forward to future opportunities to support the development of our people, which I am passionate about.”

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