Community planting day at Burnham

13 September 2016

The landscape of Burnham Military Camp is changing as the Landscape Regeneration Project hits top gear.

During the violent storm of 2013 Burnham lost many trees in and around camp. Subsequently it was discovered that a large number of the remaining standing trees, particularly blue gum, were unstable or rotten.

Recent fires at West Melton and along Two Chain Road close to camp also demonstrated that the shelter belts of pine and eucalyptus were a significant fire hazard.

New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) Landscape Management Officer (South) Shona Sam said part of the plan included planting more than 20,000 native plants in the areas surrounding the camp this year and hopefully more in subsequent years.

“We are using native plants that used to thrive and grow on the Canterbury Plains, and successful plantings so far have shown us that these plants are successful and can help in enhancing our local biodiversity,” Mrs Sam said.

“We want the areas to be a great place to live and work, as well as enhancing local biodiversity.”

Activities this spring include planting 20,000 native plants in the area of Aylesbury Road and the Burdons Road corner in and around Burnham Camp. A large number of these plants are going into Coronation Park to establish wind protection for the sports fields.

“We are holding an event for the community to plant some of these future trees, learn more about Canterbury Plains biodiversity, native plants and what we are going to be doing around Burnham,” Mrs Sam said.

The Burnham Landscape Regeneration Project was about managing risk to life, property and security while increasing the biodiversity value and sense of place associated with the Burnham Military Camp, she said.

Community event:
When: Saturday, 17 September 2016
Where: Coronation Park (next to the public toilets), Aylesbury Road, Burnham
Time: 9-10.30am

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