Teamwork is the Key

19 February 2016

Pushing himself and living a challenging and diverse career is the aim for Air Force Officer Cadet (OCDT) George Bellamy.

Hailing from Queenstown and Wakatipu High School, OCDT Bellamy joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force “to become a leader and pilot” and “have a hands-on career”.

He says the best thing about being on the Joint Officer Induction Course (JOIC) is the military skills he has learnt.

“I’ve always had an interest and it’s awesome being paid to learn.”

He says the best advice for potential recruits is to be as fit as you possibly can before coming to JOIC.

“It is really noticeable who didn’t put the effort in beforehand.”

OCDT Bellamy says the biggest challenge for him has been the total focus on teamwork.

“Everybody being responsible for everybody else has been a new experience.”


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