Passionate about serving New Zealand

19 February 2016

Officer Cadet (OCDT) Obokparo Ikini is learning vital new skills, meeting fellow officer cadets and participating in excellent training.

Formerly a principal environment and public health officer at the Ashburton District Council OCDT Ikini joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force because he wants to make an impact in the organisation.

“I want to use my skills and experience in public health to make an impact. I am passionate about my job and about the great opportunity to serve New Zealand.

“The best thing about joining the Air Force is joining a world-class organisation and having a career I am passionate about. I see this as a great opportunity to serve New Zealand.”

He says the biggest challenge has been moving from a civilian to a military role.

“Moving from civilian life to military life has been challenging and tiring, but overall very rewarding.”

Following on from the Joint Officer Cadet Course, OCDT Ikini is looking forward to his career in the Air Force as a protection officer, specialising in occupational health and safety.

“This is so I can be effective in doing my job to help fulfil the New Zealand Defence Force mission.”


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