Hawaii is Where It All Started for Midshipman

19 February 2016

Midshipman (MID) Ben Robertson sees being in the Navy as an opportunity to give back to the country and government that serves its citizens well.

Graduating from Mount Aspiring College in Wanaka in 2014, MID Robertson left the family deer farm to pursue a career in the Royal New Zealand Navy.

A trip to Hawaii with family is sparked his interest in joining the Navy.

“My family and I visited Pearl Harbor and explored the various museums and battleships over there whilst the US Navy’s Exercise Rimpac was on. ’’

“I have always been drawn to the ocean and ocean activities. I enjoy fishing, boating and diving so after my experience in Hawaii I decided to look into joining the Navy. For me it seemed to be a good way to mix work and pleasure.” 

“I also have cousins currently in the Air Force, and my grandfather served in the Pacific during World War 2.”

Since joining the Joint Officer Induction Training, MID Robertson says the biggest challenge is learning large amounts of information in a short amount of time.

“The amount of knowledge that both myself and my peers have already absorbed is astonishing. The topics we have had lessons on include weapons, training, military law, survival skills and drills.”

He has developed some good skills so far and says his “ironing is getting faster” by the day as well as his time management skills which have “improved immensely”.

“I definitely encourage anyone considering joining to give it a go. So far, for me it is looking like I will have an exciting and rewarding career.”


For further information, please contact Defence Public Affairs on 021 487 980

This page was last reviewed on 19 February 2016.