Diverse Jobs For Young Officer Cadet

19 February 2016

Army Officer Cadet (OCDT) Joshua Morete is now able to function to a high standard no matter how tired or sore he is.

Having grown up in Havelock North in Hawke’s Bay, former Lindisfarne College student OCDT Morete joined the Army in 2015.

He wanted to join the Army because it offered a diverse job that is different to the stereotypical 9-5 desk job.

“I wanted to live an active lifestyle filled with friends who became mates for life and have the bonus of being paid for it.”

The opportunity to meet new people has been a drawcard for ODCT Morete.

“For me the best part about being in the Army is the mates you make. After coming from a small town I have found it a great opportunity to meet people from all over New Zealand. I now have great friends from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and Tonga, who have taught us a lot about their culture as well.”

He said the biggest challenge so far as been able to function to the same high standard 24/7.

“This, I imagine, will be something that will develop over my career to enable me to be successful in this line of work.”

He recommends if you are interested in joining the Army, to just give it a go.

“To put things in perspective, no research or story will give you a taste of how interesting and exciting it is, like signing up, giving it a go and running in the ranks yourself.”

OCDT Morete is focusing on putting his best foot forward this year and ensuring that he is successful at Officer Cadet School.

“I know it will be hard but fun, challenging but rewarding, and that is the best part about it.”


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