Engagement on Par with Other Uniformed Organisations

5 November 2015

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has today released results from its first ever annual engagement survey, which shows it’s on a par with other uniformed government organisations.

The NZDF previously ran an in-house survey to monitor attitudes among its 14,000 military and civilian personnel.  This year it has carried out an engagement survey, a tool widely used in the public service to capture employees’ views on how the organisation is performing, as well as staff wellbeing.

Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General (LTGEN) Tim Keating said it was pleasing that 65.7 percent of people working in the NZDF had completed the survey, as it was an important measure of the health of the organisation.

The NZDF’s “engagement index” was 62 percent, which is on a par with the 63 percent benchmark for other public sector organisations with uniformed personnel, but below the state sector benchmark of 70 percent.

“It’s pleasing that we’re comparable to other uniformed organisations such as the Police, Fire Service and Customs, but as in any organisation, especially one so large, there’s room for improvement,” LTGEN Keating said.

“We scored well in questions reflecting our core values of commitment and comradeship. Eighty-two percent of us are proud to work for the Defence Force,” he said.  “We want to keep building on the things we are doing well.”

However, LTGEN Keating said the survey also identified areas for improvement including the need for better two-way communication.

“It’s important we listen and act to improve the Defence Force as a great place to work as we strive to deliver on our 2020 Ready strategy, which is aimed at strengthening the frontline and ensuring the NZDF is a more effective military organisation.”


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