Kiwi Contingent Settling into Taji Task

An NZDF trainer instructs ISF soldiers in correct weapons firing positions
An NZDF trainer instructs ISF soldiers in correct weapons firing positions

22 May 2015

New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) trainers and supporting Force elements are now established in their base in Taji and have begun the task of training Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in a range of military skills to help in the fight against ISIS.
This week, the combined New Zealand-Australia Building Partner Capacity mission officially took over the training of ISF personnel rotating through the Taji Military Complex, previously carried out by a US Army unit.
The training focuses on basic operational skills such as planning, weapons training, basic manoeuvres and the profession of arms.
NZDF Land Component Commander Brigadier Peter Kelly says that our officers and soldiers are now settled in and getting on with the job.
“Australia and New Zealand share a long and proud tradition of providing training and partnering with foreign military forces,” he said.
“In Iraq, we’re building on decades of experience. It goes right back to the 1950s when the NZDF was sent to Malaya to help train the Malay forces.
"More recently, we have had forces training in places like East Timor, Afghanistan and the Solomon Islands, again working very closely with our Australian colleagues.
“Many of those in Taji have several deployments under their belts, but for some of the younger people this is their first.
“They are all highly motivated by the challenge and the professional experience that they will have in the coming months,” he said.
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