Air Force Named World Leader in Employment Mentoring

Left to right: Flight Sergeant Colin Edie, Professor Clutterbuck, Warrant Officer of the Air Force Mark Harwood
Left to right: Flight Sergeant Colin Edie, Professor Clutterbuck, Warrant Officer of the Air Force Mark Harwood [20141028_AK_N1015025_0006.jpg]

18 November 2014

The Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) is the first military in the world to be awarded gold accreditation for its mentoring programme by the International Standards for Mentoring Programmes in Employment (ISMPE). 

The RNZAF received the gold accreditation after a lengthy evaluation process culminating in a visit to Base Auckland by the Chairman of ISMPE, Professor David Clutterbuck, who conducted the final assessment and recommended the gold standard. RNZAF received a pass of 97.5%, a score of 95% or higher is required to meet gold.

“I was impressed with the high quality mentoring programme in place at the RNZAF and the gold standard is well deserved. In assessing the RNZAF, I found they have strong processes, a high level of ethics and pastoral care, the mentors and mentees are not only committed at the highest level but also well supported and the programme is delivering measurable benefits,” said Professor Clutterbuck.

Chief of Air Force, Air Vice-Marshal Mike Yardley says the RNZAF is a long-time supporter of mentoring, with over 550 personnel being involved in the mentoring programme since 2008.

“Mentoring provides the RNZAF with a more effective and engaged workforce, with higher job satisfaction and likelihood of increased retention.

“The accreditation allows us to benchmark our own programme against other international organisations. It demonstrates to New Zealanders that the RNZAF is a forward thinking employer who values individuals for their diversity of thought and action as well as their aspirations,” said Air Vice-Marshal Yardley.

Each RNZAF Base has a mentoring advisory team who match mentees with appropriate mentors. Most mentoring relationships last for 12 months, or until the mentee has realised their goals. The relationship between mentor and mentee is outside of the chain of command and is not normally formed outside trade groups; this provides a level of transparency and independence from the military career reporting system.


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