Remuneration Review 2014 for Defence Force

11 September 2014

The Defence Force Remuneration Review for 2014 is now complete, resulting in a $20 million package designed to support the Chief of Defence Force's priorities of growing the people, better supporting military families and focusing on core military skills.

Announced on 13 August 2014, the majority of Regular Force, Reservists and Civilians – around 96% - will get a pay increase this year. The average increase was 1.8 percent. 

The details of the package were communicated to commanders and managers at camps and bases during roadshow from 25 August – 2 September 2014.  All other personnel attended in-depth briefings, received a REM:14 booklet, access to HR Advisors and intranet resources.

The NZDF does not fix general wage adjustments across the board. Instead it targets those areas where there is the greatest need. This year’s package included the following initiatives:

  • Targeted adjustments to the pay tables
  • Adjustments to some trade groups
  • Reviews into Death and Disability Insurance and Healthcare benefits were conducted
  • Revised pay progression model for Warrant Officers

All changes are planned to be implemented in October.


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