Nelson Sea Cadet Awarded $6000 Scholarship

Chief of Navy Scholarship recipient Grace Winnington with her parents.
Chief of Navy Scholarship recipient Grace Winnington with her parents.

18 June 2014

Chief of Navy Rear Admiral (RADM) Jack Steer was in Nelson yesterday to present the Chief of Navy Scholarship to Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) Bachelor of Nursing student Grace Winnington.

Earlier this month Cadet Under Officer Winnington was announced as the recipient of the $6000 scholarship which was established in 2001. The scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Sea Cadet to assist with their tertiary studies.

“The scholarship is a great way for the Navy to support Cadets in their tertiary studies; it endorses the Cadet’s demonstration of the Royal New Zealand Navy’s core values of courage, commitment and comradeship. Grace is a perfect example of a person who exemplifies our core values in everything she does,” said RADM Steer.

The criteria also assess the positive impact that the scholarship would have on the Cadet’s life and tertiary career.

“The scholarship has really helped with the financial burden that comes with tertiary studies, it’s allowed me to focus on my nursing studies and really enjoy what I’m doing,” said Under Officer Winnington.

Under Officer Winnington has been a Sea Cadet with TS TALISMAN for the past six years.  TS TALISMAN is the largest Sea Cadet unit in New Zealand with 50 enrolled cadets.

RADM Steer officially presented the scholarship to Under Officer Winnington at TS TALISMAN during their evening parade in front of her Sea Cadet peers. While in Nelson he also toured the Maritime School and other NMIT facilities. 


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