Four NZDF Personnel Receive Queen's Birthday Honours

2 June 2014

All three Services are represented in the four awards made to New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) personnel in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours List.
Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM)
Air Vice-Marshal Peter James Stockwell AFC (Royal New Zealand Air Force)
Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) Stockwell has been honoured for the “exceptional qualities of leadership, initiative, dedication, managerial skill and outstanding devotion to duty” he demonstrated throughout a long career in the Air Force. He retired as Chief of Air Force (CAF) in April this year, during which he played a key role in the Defence Reform Programme and oversaw the introduction into service of four new aircraft types.
AVM Stockwell enlisted into the Royal New Zealand Air Force in January 1973. He served with No 41 Squadron (Bristol Freighters) in Singapore and No 40 Squadron in Auckland in the 1970s. In 1993 he was posted to No 40 Squadron as Commanding Officer. In 1996, he was posted to Canada as the New Zealand Defence Air Advisor. In 2003 he deployed as an acting Air Commodore to Tampa, Florida as the NZDF Senior National Representative at the United States Central Command. In 2004 he was appointed Deputy Chief of Air Force, a position he held for three years. In 2008 he was appointed Assistant Chief Strategic Commitments and Intelligence at Headquarters NZDF. He was promoted to Air Vice-Marshal and appointed Commander Joint Forces New Zealand in 2009, a position he held for two years before becoming Chief of Air Force in 2011.

Distinguished Service Decoration (DSD)  
Warrant Officer Richard Clive Henstock (Royal New Zealand Navy)
As the Weapons Engineering Warrant Officer on HMNZS Te Kaha Warrant Officer (WO) Henstock has made a major contribution to the operational effectiveness of his ship, to other Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) fleet units, and to ships of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).  During Exercise RIMPAC 2012 he provided the RAN with a number of solutions to gunnery issues that had already been implemented in the RNZN. He was also able to advise on the new sensor suite of the frigate HMAS Perth to improve the operational capability of the vessel. He assisted the communications team of HMNZS Te Kaha with a series of exercise communications challenges, helping Te Kaha win one of the major exercise competitions of RIMPAC 2012. In 2013 HMNZS Te Mana experienced serious problems with its Command and Control System software while operating off the coast of Australia. WO Henstock was able to advise the onboard maintenance staff of some temporary solutions before flying to Australia with a copy of the software. He boarded HMNZS Te Mana at sea and assisted the maintenance crew restore the ship’s operational capability. Last year he also instructed the RAN's Principal Warfare Officers Conversion Course.

 Lieutenant Colonel Richard John Weston MNZM (New Zealand Army)
Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL) Weston was originally appointed to command the last Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan, and later led the Theatre Extraction Team.

In May 2012 he led the strategic reconnaissance for the extraction of the Reconstruction Team and other New Zealand assets from Bamyan province. He was then hand-picked to command the theatre extraction operation. Beginning in October 2012, he oversaw the establishment of communication links and processes required to extract equipment and personnel from Bamyan in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. In this role he bore the responsibility for the execution of a complex redeployment from an isolated location in challenging environmental conditions, requiring the co-ordination of transport resources from New Zealand and coalition partners, as well as local contractors, for the movement of more than 750 tonnes of equipment and all Bamyan-based personnel. He also oversaw the closure of Kiwi Base and negotiated its handover to the Afghan government. He assumed command of Kiwi Base and maintained the security of the area until he and his team departed on the last aircraft. LTCOL Weston’s professionalism, dedication and leadership played a significant role in the successful extraction and return of Defence assets and personnel to New Zealand.
Captain Dominic Gareth Crosby Wylie (New Zealand Army)
Captain (CAPT) Wylie was the Afghan National Security Forces Liaison Officer for the duration of the final New Zealand contingent deployment to Bamyan, Afghanistan in 2013.

His role involved daily interaction with the Afghan National Police, the Afghan National Directorate of Security and the Afghan Provincial Operational Coordination Centre. CAPT Wylie’s efforts contributed to the readiness of the Afghan National Security Forces to face security challenges beyond the presence of New Zealand and other members of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Bamyan province. He worked with the Afghans to improve their training, access to equipment and their ability to plan complex operations involving several agencies. He assisted in the establishment of an Afghan Peace and Reconciliation Council, a formal body that aims to reintegrate former insurgents into local society. He oversaw the re-establishment of the Afghan National Police Provincial Response Company, a group of highly trained paramilitary officers. CAPT Wylie prepared a comprehensive capability demonstration involving the various groups within the Afghan National Security Forces. This demonstration, the first of its kind to be held, showed the Afghan government and people of Bamyan the progress made by Afghan security forces and their ability to protect them after the departure of the ISAF.      
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Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit
The New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration The New Zealand Distinguished Service Decoration
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