Singing up a Storm - Navy Man at MCG

OCSS David Lepou prepares for his singing debut in ceremonial Naval uniform
OCSS David Lepou prepares for his singing debut in ceremonial Naval uniform

23 April 2014

Wellington man David Lepou has a career in combat systems in the Navy, yet this Anzac Day he’ll be representing New Zealand, singing our national anthem in front of 90,000 people at the annual Anzac Day AFL match at the hallowed Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

Leaving behind a successful musical career, 26 year old Lepou fulfilled his childhood dream of joining the Royal New Zealand Navy in September last year.  He is less than two weeks from completing his training as a Combat Systems Specialist and the pressure is on to perform in the operations room simulators. 

Performing the New Zealand anthem at the MCG in front of a crowd of over 80,000 people creates another type of pressure for Lepou, who relishes the opportunity.  “Sure, it’s more pressure, a bigger challenge – but I love challenges.”

“It’s certainly something to sign off on in life’s taskbook,” says Ordinary Combat Systems Specialist (OCSS) Lepou, whose recent focus has been on completing his combat systems tasks. 

Head of School, Warrant Officer Dean Fielding said that OCSS Lepou has fallen on his feet in his new trade.  “Versatility is what our Navy is about,” says WO Fielding, “He’s a high performer as a combat systems specialist, and now he’ll perform for New Zealand.  This is a great opportunity for OCSS Lepou and we were very happy support him in this.”

Prior to the Navy, Lepou was based in Lower Hutt.  He taught at a performance academy and performed in a number of choral and operatic groups, and bands in the Wellington region. 

Now OCSS Lepou intends to juggle his talents for a while. “The Navy is living up to all my childhood expectations, and I get to see the world in a different light. I will go back to music one day, I’m just not sure when,” says OCSS Lepou.


OCSS David Lepou will perform the New Zealand National Anthem at the Annual Anzac Day AFL Match at the MCG, which commences at 2.40pm.

For further information or to speak with David, please contact LTCDR Vicki Rendall, 021 244 0638

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