Dream Career for Air Force Beauty

SGT Sarah Anderson stands in a Royal New Zealand Air Force Hercules C-130 aircraft
SGT Sarah Anderson stands in a Royal New Zealand Air Force Hercules C-130 aircraft

9 April 2014

Former Marlborough Girls’ student, Sergeant (SGT) Sarah Anderson, is one of a few people who can say they have travelled the world as part of their dream career.

As a flight steward on Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing 757 and Hercules C-130 aircraft, SGT Anderson is continuously adding experiences to an already rewarding career. Her role on board is to ensure the safety of all passengers, which have included important dignitaries.

The 26-year-old North Shore resident said, “It’s the perfect career for someone like me, I love the physicality, the flying and the people - it’s just awesome.”

Soon, the self-proclaimed tomboy hopes to add beauty queen to her résumé after being head hunted through Facebook for the Miss World New Zealand competition by former beauty queen Hannah Carson.

“I’m entering as a bit of a rookie, but I’m really excited about it,” said SGT Anderson.

SGT Anderson joined the Air Force in 2006, carrying on a family tradition started by her father, Flight Sergeant Paul Anderson, who has been in the Air Force for 35 years. Her younger sister, Leading Aircraftman Julia Anderson, has also recently joined, making it a family affair.

“I wanted to do a big overseas trip so Dad said why don’t you join the Air Force as a flight steward and travel the world for free,” she said.

“My job has taken me all over the world including Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Antarctica, UK, USA, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Niue, Samoa, Greece and Ireland.”

SGT Anderson is hoping wisdom and life-experiences in the Air Force will carry her a long way in the Miss World New Zealand pageant.

SGT Anderson said, “I just hope I can represent the Air Force and my family well and keep true to our values. If anyone would like to support me just go to my Facebook page, Sarah Anderson Miss World New Zealand Contestant 2014.”


For more information contact Defence Communications Group 021 487 980 or check out SGT Sarah Anderson’s Facebook Page ‘Sarah Anderson Miss World New Zealand Contestant 2014.’

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