Going Bush a Perfect Scenario For Timaru Soldier

19 November 2013

Former Timaru Boys High student William Murphy says the Army is a great way to see the world.

Former Timaru Boys High student William Murphy says the Army is a great way to see the world

The great thing about being deployed to your home town means more chance of bumping into family for one Kiwi solider.

Former Timaru Boys High School student, Private (PTE) William Murphy, was working as a sentry near Timaru Airport when his Aunty and Uncle made a surprise visit to the Forward Operating Base to see him.

“I guess you could say I was easily spotted,” he says.  “It was really good to see them.”

After three and a half years in the New Zealand Army, PTE Murphy is convinced he’s found a career for life.

The infantryman is currently deployed with the rest of his Burnham based unit as part of Exercise Southern Katipo 13 (SK13) and is glad to be home doing what he loves.

“Our job is to provide security for the fictional country Mainlandia and protect the population from the insurgents who are called the AUG,” he says.

“When we first got here we secured the Forward Operating Base, which is the Timaru Airport.  Then we did a presence patrol in Washdyke.”

Southern Katipo is not the first time PTE Murphy has been deployed on a major Joint Forces’ Exercise.

“I was involved in a recent exercise in Australia which was similar to SK13, in that it was amphibious based, and I’ve also been out with the Navy a couple of times. 

“They are a great bunch of people and I didn’t get seasick either,” he quips.

When asked what he’d tell other young Timaru locals about a career in the Army PTE Murphy says:  “The Army is a great career, it’s more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.  You get paid for being outdoors and that’s pretty cool.”
“My favourite thing is the bush work, which I didn’t do a lot of when I was younger, the Army pretty much taught me all I know about the outdoors.”

PTE Murphy’s company takes over the Army’s emergency response role next year so SK13 is the ideal opportunity to hone their skills – especially if they are deployed at short notice.

“We are getting a lot more training to prepare for deployment, including more amphibious work, which I’m really looking forward to.”


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