A Leader In Her Own Right

6 August 2013

Ordinary Writer Alexis Leader on her graduation from the Basic Common Training.

Alexis Leader has just completed the most challenging, but most rewarding time in her life, graduating from the Royal New Zealand Navy’s Basic Common Training Course this week.

Originally hailing from Lower Hutt, this plucky 19 year old first thought of joining the RNZN when she saw a recruiter at her school, Chilton St James. Since then she has turned her dreams into reality and is one of 75 new graduates ready to serve in the Navy.

"Training was amazing; mostly because of the friends I have met. It’s weird to believe I’ve only known these people for three months. I feel like I’ve known them forever, we are like family now."

While under training Ordinary Writer Leader found the week of war simulation the most exciting, where she was tested to her limits both physically and mentally. However it has been the full three months of training which has now prepared her for work as an Operational Administrator.

"There is so much new stuff to do all the time and it’s always exciting and always with plenty of opportunity. I feel like there is always ways to progress and I’ll never be bored."

After a well deserved break Alexis will return to Devonport Naval Base where she will specialise in the business of running the administrative functions on warships and ashore in support organisations. It’s a little like managing a giant mobile office with hundreds of staff and the world's most advanced technology, all on the ocean.

"I’m so keen to get to sea, as soon as I can. I really hope I get on a frigate first and start my career in the biggest ships we have."

The experience of joining the Navy family has had a huge impact on Alexis and she can’t wait to spread the news when she gets back home.

"I’ve already tried to start recruiting my friends into the Navy. They’re crazy not to."


For more information please contact Lieutenant Commander Ange Barker, Senior Media Advisor (Navy) on 021 244 0638

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