From Cray Boats To Navy's Top Recruit For Nelson Man

5 August 2013

Ordinary Marine Technician James Goodall graduating as the RNZN Best All Round Recruit.

James Goodall has just graduated as the Royal New Zealand Navy’s top recruit, but his transition from working on commercial crayfish boats off the coast of Australia, to topping his course is still settling in.

The ex-Nelson Boys college graduate has just become Ordinary Marine Technician James Goodall, and to the pride of both he and his family he was also awarded the Spencer Tewsley Cup for Best All Round Trainee.

"I honestly think Mum is most proud that I can do my own washing now. But they are all very proud and it was such a great surprise, even to me."

James found both the physical and mental demands of training challenging, but extremely rewarding, and although he didn’t falter too much with the physical training it was the kit musters that became his nemesis.

"A kit muster is where every item of your RNZN uniform is named, ironed and folded in a certain way to ensure it fits into the lockers on board our ships. Needless to say I’ve spent many hours with an ironing board in the last few months."

After a quick break, James will be back at the Devonport Naval Base to undergo his Basic Branch Training, where he will learn all about marine mechanics and specialise in either propulsion or electrical engineering.

"I can’t wait to get to sea and I hope I’m posted to a frigate first up. I really want to travel as much as possible. The career paths are extraordinary in this organisation and I can’t wait to get amongst it."


For more information contact Lieutenant Commander Ange Barker, Senior Media Advisor (Navy) on 021 244 0638.

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