Future Officer Digs in Deep

5 July 2013
Officer Cadet (OCDT) David Hare

Officer Cadet (OCDT) David Hare.

Officer Cadet (OCDT) David Hare loves every minute of his new life being part of a group of young people training to be leaders of tomorrow’s New Zealand Army, even when he has to sit in a freezing cold earth pit all night in Waiouru.

The 23 year-old from Waituna West, Manawatu decided he wanted an exciting life away from his farming community and looked to the Army and the New Zealand Commissioning Course for officer cadets to fill this.

After signing up for the year long course OCDT Hare says the experience so far has been everything he expected it to be.

"It’s extremely challenging. You have to process information incredibly quickly and act upon it. You certainly learn how to multi task," said OCDT Hare.

OCDT Hare and his peers are now heading into the second half of the course where they will have more exposure to the role of Platoon Commander in differing environments in both the field and in the regimental roles.

They are about to embark on an exercise in the West Coast of the South Island which will test their mettle and then later in the year they will be put through their paces in the much anticipated Exercise Takrouna designed to test everything the cadets have learned throughout the year.

OCDT Hare said the group were very close and kept together helping each other when needed. He said having people around you that were going through the same issues daily helped you cope.

"It’s a totally different ballgame than being in civvy street. You don’t sit in an earth pit that you’ve dug with your mates all night in the cold when you’re a civilian."

He said one of the hardest parts of the course was being away from family but he was lucky that he had managed to get home more often than others.

"I’ve been home three or four times but I live quite close. Others haven’t been home at all."

Cadets that make it through the course will graduate in Waiouru in December.


For more information contact Emma Horsley, Communications Advisor - Central for the New Zealand Defence Force on 021 409 033.

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