Family Tradition Maintained

5 July 2013
Officer Cadet (OCDT) Jesse Garton
Officer Cadet (OCDT) Jesse Garton.

Officer Cadet (OCDT) Jesse Garton is keeping with family tradition by training to become an officer in the New Zealand Army.

The Manawatu 18 year-old, went straight from Palmerston North Boys’ High School into the New Zealand Commissioning Course in Waiouru that turns out Army officers at the end of a gruelling year-long training programme.

ODCT Garton’s father is a Captain at Linton Military Camp.

OCDT Garton said university didn’t appeal to him and having seen his father in the Army it gave him the inspiration to go for an officer’s commission.

"It’s been challenging and very exciting. You have to be mentally and physically tough and I think having played a lot of sport certainly has helped me along those lines. I like being challenged."

OCDT Garton is a keen rugby and basketball player and is looking at going into artillery or infantry if he graduates from the commissioning course.

He and his peers are now heading into the second half of the course where they will have more exposure to the role of being a Platoon Commander in differing environments in both the field and in regimental roles.

They are about to embark on an exercise in the West Coast of the South Island which will test their mettle and then later in the year they will be put through their paces in the much anticipated Exercise Takrouna designed to test everything the cadets have learned throughout the year.

OCDT Garton said he and the other cadets understood Exercise Takrouna will be the real test of what they had learned over the course.

"It’s a huge formative assessment and everyone wants to do well."

Cadets that make it through the course will graduate in Waiouru in December.


For more information please contact; Emma Horsley Communications Advisor - Central for the New Zealand Defence Force on 021 409 033.

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