Music is in the Blood for Air Force Bandsman

Air Force saxophonist Corporal (CPL) Andre Paris
Air Force saxophonist Corporal (CPL) Andre Paris

22 May 2013

For Air Force saxophonist Corporal (CPL) Andre Paris from Wellington it's a case of music in his blood.
His Mum and his Aunties formed the much loved Yandall Sisters Trio, and now his love of music has taken him around the world to Washington D.C. to perform with the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Band at the US-NZ Pacific Partnership Forum.

"I'm really proud to have been chosen to represent the Air Force and New Zealand and to be able share some of our New Zealand Culture at the Forum, along-side the Air Force's Maori Cultural Group.

"My Mum and my Aunties were such professionals that you had to be good if you wanted to perform with them. That helped me to develop my skill and my standards and that has paid off by me being here in Washington D.C. today.

"Last night we gave our first performance at the US-NZ Pacific Forum Welcome Reception which was held at the very impressive U.S. Institute of Peace. A highlight was being able to play alongside members of the United States Air Force (USAF) Band, who we had practiced with during the day. In a collaborative effort we played a number of favourite pieces from each country including the 28th Maori Battalion March and The Washington Post on their side.

"I've had many highlights since I joined the RNZAF Band including playing for Prince Charles and Prince William when they conducted their tours, travelling all around New Zealand to perform, and recording two musical albums. My wife has also performed many times with the band as a guest vocalist.

I'd certainly recommend to any musician interested in joining a concert band to join the Air Force Band.
"I have had the opportunity to meet and make friends with other musicians, and to travel and perform on many important occasions."

Coming up in October CPL Paris is looking forward to the Air Force Proms.

"We perform up to 60 times a year, and the Proms in Wellington are one of the biggest occasions during the year for us. While it is different to what we are doing here Washington, it will be another great opportunity to add to the many I've had since joining the band."

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