Two Top Prizes For Christchurch's Indiana

17 April 2013

OCO McEwin with reviewing officer, Maggie Barry.

One of the Navy’s newest sailors, 23 year old Christchurch woman Indiana McEwin has made the transition to a naval lifestyle with ease.

In front of family and friends, Ordinary Communications Operator (OCO) McEwin was awarded two prizes, for achieving the highest academic marks, and the highest marks in parade training during the Basic Common Training.

She received her prizes at Graduation Parade on Friday 12 April, as one of 74 men and women who graduated after 13 weeks of naval training.

"I wanted a challenging career, something ‘out of the box,’" says OCO McEwin. However she admitted she found naval training extremely challenging, both physically and with aspects of communal living.

"Training is also very rewarding however, and with every completed task, exam or evolution, there is a huge sense of achievement. I’ve learnt a lot!"

Their Navy training included an intense level of physical training, precision marching and parade training and an academic programme covering naval history, discipline, core values and maritime skills.

OCO McEwin says she enjoys the structure and routine of the Navy.

"I like the way every hour in the day is utilised as much as possible, there’s no time-wasting.

"After being involved in the earthquake in Christchurch, the military is a great place to regain a sense of empowerment and security. I enjoy the feeling that my job is important and I’m giving something back to my country."

The two prizes awarded to OCO McEwin were:

Captain Fleet Personnel and Training Basic Common Training Academic Prize. The academic prize is awarded to the Basic Common Trainee graduate who achieves the highest academic marks during Basic Common Training.

Spedding Cup and Tankard. Presented by Mrs S. Spedding, mother of the late LWTR Margaret Spedding and awarded to the trainee gaining the highest marks in parade training, who then acts as the Guard Right Hand Guide at the Graduation Parade.


For more information, contact Lieutenant Commander Vicki Rendall on 021 224 0638.

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