All In A Day's Work For West Auckland Air Force Recruit

22 February 2013

AFCDT Chapman tramping at Saw Cut Gorge, south of Blenheim.

AFCDT Chapman tramping at Saw Cut Gorge, south of Blenheim.

For new Air Force recruit (AFCDT) Garrick Chapman from West Auckland tramping, rafting, and abseiling are all in a day's work on recruit course.

"I started here at Base Woodbourne in Blenheim, at the start of the year, and it has been all go since then," said AFCDT Chapman.

"One of the things I am really enjoying is the day to day variety and working with like minded people. There are 73 of us from all around the country including places like Twizel, Temuka, and Greymouth in the south, and Mangawhai in the north.

"I joined the Air Force to become a Force Protection Specialist, so it will be my job to protect NZ Defence Force assets including aircraft, and personnel. Before joining, l had previous experience of working with the Air Force on exercises, as a Territorial Force rifleman. I liked the professionalism and training I saw, and the prospect of deploying on missions with the Air Force appealed to me.

"I’ve gained a lot of good mates since joining and I’ve enjoyed pushing myself and seeing my fitness improve.!"

Military tradition runs in AFCDT Chapman’s family. "My Dad served in the South African Army in Angola, and my grandfather served in the South African Air Force in the Korean War.

The recruits will graduate the course in April having completed 14 weeks of focused military induction training, and will then commence training in their specialist career streams.

"I’m hoping to return to Auckland when I have completed my training. My fiancée and my family are in Auckland."


For more information contact Squadron Leader Lyn Coromandel, 021 420 899.

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