Have Seasprite Will Travel

28 January 2013

Cororal Matthew Kay stands in front of a Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite at the recent Masterton Air Show 2013.

Cororal Matthew Kay stands in front of a Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite at the recent Masterton Air Show 2013.

Getting to travel around the world is one of the best things about being in the Air Force says Hamilton Corporal Matthew Kay.

Mathew (23) has been in the Air Force for six years and has already travelled to more places than many people twice his age, with more overseas missions coming.

As an Avionic Technician in No. 6 Squadron at Whenuapai Air Base, Mathew got to tell some of the more than 30,000 visitors to the Wings Over Wairarapa Air Show all about the Kaman SH-2G(NZ) Seasprite helicopter he is in charge of.

The helicopter wowed the crowds during its exciting displays over two days at Masterton and NZ International Air Show this weekend too.

Mathew joined the Air Force after attending Hillcrest High School in Hamilton and doing the Air Force Challenge in 2006.

"That really interested me and I knew I wanted to join after that."

As an avionics technician Mathew is responsible for regular maintenance and electric and information systems on board the craft.

When he is not making sure everything is in working order in the Seasprite Mathew plays rugby league for the Air Force and Te Atatu.

"The travel in the Air Force is seriously good. There is no way I would get the opportunity to do and see the things I have and will do if I wasn’t in the Air Force."

Mathew said highlights of his six years in the Air Force has been trips to Antarctica, Samoa, Tonga and Australia and he is off on a month long overseas deployment where he will take in several other countries, adding even more stamps to his passport.

Further information;

Following Japan's entry into the war in December 1941, the RNZAF had to switch from primarily training pilots for Europe into a combat force. No. 6 Squadron RNZAF was formed as an army co-operation unit. The Squadron was disbanded in August 1957 and several reforms and disbandments later it was reformed in 2005 in the form is it today. The squadron motto is "Vigilance with Patience".



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