Off to a flying start

20 March 2012

Former Whanganui Collegiate School student and Royal New Zealand Air Force Flying Officer Kirsty Calman is throwing herself into her Air Force Air Show job.

With less than five weeks to go until the big day (31 March) Kirsty’s job as Supply Officer sees her organising the logistics arrangements for all the visiting Royal Australia Air Force (RAAF) aircraft.

“The RAAF are bringing four types of aircraft with different crew and maintenance requirements which need to be met. I am also assisting with the arrangement of important amenities for the day, such as port-a-loos and rubbish bins!” says Kirsty.

Being a Supply Officer in the RNZAF can get you involved in a variety of areas from Air Movements to Supply Chain. Logistical support includes all movement of personnel and equipment, accommodation, food, resupply and anything else which needs to be organised.

“My attraction to the Air Force was the variety of jobs I would experience, having my degree paid for, the opportunity to travel and work with other global forces, and participate in sports,” says Kirsty.

“I’ve always been an active person and spent many years rowing at both Whanganui Collegiate and Union Boat Club. I guess this lead onto my current interest in Ironman!”

The 26-year-old was to compete in the recent Ironman competition in Taupo that was cancelled due to the ‘weather bomb’. However Kirsty did complete the half marathon the following day. “The training was full on and work was extremely supportive of my intentions to complete the event. In the military you need to keep physically fit so I have used my allocated physical training time to assist with my Ironman training.

As part of Kirsty’s journey to Ironman she made the decision to fundraise money for ‘breath4CF’, the official charity of Ironman which supports those people who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis.

“For the event my buddy was a young boy with the condition, Lockie Jones, a 12-year-old boy from Whanganui Intermediate School. He came to support me in the race, which made the day all the more special.”

To buy tickets to the Air Show go to and search Air Force Air Show.

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