Territorial Force Soldiers Reorganise For The Future

6 December 2012

The New Zealand Army’s 1,800 Territorial Force soldiers from Whangarei to Invercargill will align to the Regular Force this month as the Defence Force continues to modernise.

Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General Rhys Jones says, "These changes are about making our Territorial Force a more integrated and valuable force that complements our Regular Force."

As announced previously, six Territorial Force Infantry Battalions will amalgamate to form three new Battalions that will continue the important historical and community links of all Battalions in geographic areas where they currently have a presence.

These changes are part of the Total Defence Workforce approach that will see the easy transition of personnel between a full and part time military and civilian workforce, as outlined in the Defence White Paper 2010.

"Territorial Forces will have access to more comprehensive training and will be better prepared to integrate into combat units as required," says Lieutenant General Rhys Jones.

Changes to the shape of the Territorial Forces in 2012 will build on the command and control changes that took place in December 2011 when the Defence Force transferred command and control of the Territorial Forces to Training Doctrine Command at Waiouru.

"The Defence Force has been integrating its Territorial Forces since the 1990s when they were required in large numbers to serve in East Timor. We’ve continued to deploy Territorial Forces on operations both here and overseas and they provide critical supplementation to civil emergencies such as in the case of the Canterbury earthquakes."

Territorial Forces will also get a name change soon when legislation is passed to rename them ‘Reserve Forces’ - another move to bring them closer," concludes Lieutenant General Rhys Jones.


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