Cambridge Local Battles The Best In Auckland

17 October 2012

Cadet Matt Nottage working with a team mate on a communications exercise at Northern Regional Skills competition in Auckland.

Cambridge local, Cadet (CDT), Matt Nottage with his team from the Hamilton City Cadet Unit competed in closely fought battles against 12 other units from Opotiki to Kerikeri, at the annual Northern Area Skills Competition in Auckland.

The 14 year old student from Cambridge High School was part of a team of nine who competed in a series of competitive activities from shooting to first aid to casualty evacuation and physical endurance exercises last week.

‘Skills’, short for Skill-at-Arms, is an annual skills based competition of the New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF) between all the Cadet Corps units in New Zealand. Regional competitions are run in the three areas, Northern, Central and Southern with the winners from each area returning in November to compete for the national title.

Since joining his unit in 2011 and travelling around New Zealand to different military bases and camps with the Cadet Forces, this was CDT Nottage’s second time competing at Regional Skills Competition.

CDT Nottage says the competition isn’t just about the physical and mentally straining activities.

"One of the hardest parts is learning to work together with people you’ve just met. But when you are determined to succeed you get past it and make new mates by the end.

"That’s one of the best things about coming back, seeing them all again."

To other people thinking about joining the NZCF he says, just do it. "You get to do a whole lot of stuff you normally wouldn’t get the chance to do. You get to make heaps of mates and just all around have fun."


For more information contact Todd O’Hara, Defence Communications Group on 021 626 578

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