CanTeen get kick out of parachuting with the Air Force

3 May 2012

Saturday will see teenagers from CanTeen jumping out of Air Force planes over the skies of Auckland.

The RNZAF is lending a ‘community hand’ to Jump Start, a charity event that gives teenagers from CanTeen and Project K (a youth development programme), the opportunity to complete a tandem skydive with civilian sport skydivers out of an Air Force C-130 Hercules. The event not only provides many positive benefits for the first time jumpers, but raises money for the charities.

The premise of Jump Start is ‘the experience of being alive’. The jump gives teenagers the experience of facing fear as a way of discovering inner strength, placing trust in others, experiencing elation, gaining confidence, receiving a certificate of accomplishment and being part of a group of first time jumpers.

Squadron Leader Van Rijs says, "It’s an amazing experience for the teenagers undertaking the jump and we are continually delighted by seeing the positive impact of the jump. It’s one example of how the Air Force partners with New Zealand organisations to give back to the community".

The Air Force has supported Jumpstart since its inception six years ago. Support involves various sections of the RNZAF including Parachute Training Support Unit, Base Medical, No. 40 Squadron (Hercules) and Ground Support Squadron.


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