Airtrainers over Alexandra

RNZAF CT4-E in formation over Southern Alps

From the 12th  – 23rd March 2012 the airfield at Alexandra Aerodrome will become a tent city as 80 - 120 personnel from RNZAF Base Ohakea deploy for Exercise Wiseowl.  Exercise Wiseowl is a bi-annual Pilot Training Squadron (PTS) deployment, primarily designed to test military student pilots in formation flying.  Formation sorties in the local area mean the Airtrainers may be seen within 200 kilometres of Alexandra.

Operating away from their home at RNZAF Base Ohakea the student pilots taste what it's like to work from 'field' conditions for the first time.  Up to ten Airtrainer aircraft will be deployed to Alexandra from Ohakea for the Wings course pilots and their instructors from PTS.

Accommodation will be in 40 tents that will be erected on the airfield, including some very large models.  These will provide for field catering, a field medical facility, an administration unit, an operations headquarters, a logistics unit providing camp supplies and spares, as well as a maintenance centre for the aircraft.

The deployment and redeployment of the aircraft, supplies, camp pack-up equipment and personnel, is a logistics exercise in itself.

Apart from its operational tasking, Exercise Wiseowl is a chance for schools, organisations, and the general public to visit the camp to meet Air Force personnel and find out more about the Air Force.  The camp will be open to the public on Saturday 17th March between 10:30 am and 2:00 pm.  At the Open Day there will be static displays as well as the Red Checkers aerobatic team.


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