Singapore-New Zealand relationship further enhanced by Defence exercise

03 February 2012

More than 600 Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel converged on the Waiouru Military Training Area in January for the annual Thunder Warrior exercise.

Major General Keating and Major General Singh in the Waiouru training area (AW-12-0203-1).
Major General Keating and Major General Singh in the Waiouru training area (AW-12-0203-1).

SAF deployed a 155mm Singapore Light Weight Howitzer, along with other weapons for the artillery training exercise which was held in Waiouru for the 15th consecutive time. Chief of Army, Major General Tim Keating met with his Singaporean counterpart Major General Ravinder Singh during the exercise.

MAJGEN Keating said the exercise was an excellent opportunity to cement the SAF-NZDF relationship, which was very important to both countries, and he was confident MAJGEN Singh and his party left New Zealand with a positive impression of their ongoing interaction with the New Zealand Army. The Singaporeans' visit enhanced what is already a strong military and personal relationship, he said.

"We are good military neighbours, and we discussed issues of mutual concern, and mutual opportunities which may benefit both armies. New Zealand's relationship with Singapore had developed over a number of decades since the inception of the Singaporean Army.

"The Singaporean Army has grown to be highly competent and world class. It provides science, technology, innovation and intellect to military challenges and pursues excellence to produce its military solutions. We are very comfortable operating and training alongside each other, and I envisage our relationship will continue to grow and develop as we meet challenges in the Asia-Pacific region in the future."

Discussions were held during the exercise about the potential for further interaction with the New Zealand Army, and some multi-lateral activities.

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