Blues squad take on Navy diver mud run

Tuesday 10 January 2012

The Blues training squad will spend a gruelling afternoon in the mud this Friday as they take on the Navy Mud Run at the Devonport Naval Base, Ngataringa Bay. 

As part of pre-season training the team will wade through the 1 km Navy Mud Run which ranges from ankle deep to chest height. 

The Mud Run is predominately used by the RNZN Operational Diving Team and RNZN Diving School to assess both team building and individual strength.  It is a tough exercise, both mentally and physically, and tests fortitude, initiative, robustness, leadership and team work.

The Blues will be able to use the session as a physically demanding bonding session, which puts the squad in a difficult situation and tests their teamwork in physically demanding times.

What: The Blues at the Devonport Naval Base Mud Run
When: 1500, 13 January 2012
Where: Ngataringa Bay entrance to Devonport Naval Base, Jim Titchener Parade, Devonport


For further information and registrations of interest to attend please contact Lieutenant Commander Ange Barker, Senior Communications and Media Adviser - Navy on 021 244 0638


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