19 August 2011

A member of the NZSAS has been killed during an exchange of gunfire in Kabul today (Friday).

The trooper was responding to an attack by insurgents on the British Council offices in Kabul with elements of the Afghan Crisis Response Unit when he was shot in the chest by an insurgent. He died en route to hospital.

Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant General Rhys Jones says;

“Next of kin were informed late Friday night they had lost their loved one. I’m sure I speak for all New Zealanders when I say how saddened we are to hear news of the death of one of our own in Afghanistan, and our thoughts are with his family and friends at what must be a very difficult time."

“He, along with his colleagues, was attempting to free hostages trapped in the council buildings following the attack."

“His is the first loss of life in action the NZSAS group has suffered in Afghanistan. Their work is always dangerous; they are brave men who train to do all they can to serve New Zealand.”

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