Auckland Grammar 'old boy' wins RNZN Officer Graduate Prize

Midshipman Ethan Moser

The firing of a ceremonial gun marked the graduation of New Zealand’s newest Naval Officers this week, and top of the class, winning the Blanchard Leadership Award, was 18 year old Ethan Moser from Auckland.

Ethan, who was educated at Auckland Boys Grammar, has always been interested in the Navy because of his love of the outdoors, particularly boating, fishing and diving.

“The Navy combined my interests, passions and goals with a positive career path,” said Ethan before graduating.  “I’m looking forward to working towards my aim of being the Commanding Officer of a warship.”

After six months of intensive training, where recruits learn the practicalities of life at sea, with a focus on leadership, Ethan says the highlight was when they were diverted from normal training to help with the salvage operation of MV RENA.

“It is a special privilege to have the satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing that you have been able to help where help is needed.”

Following graduation Ethan will have a well deserved break to spend time with family and friends before returning to the RNZN to study a Bachelor of Commerce at Auckland University. 


For more information please contact Senior Comms and Media Advisor – Navy Lieutenant Commander Ange Barker, 021 244 0638


Background to the Junior Officer Common Training

The newly trained officers have completed initial training at the Navy Leadership and Development Group in Devonport.  Over the past 24 weeks they faced a number of challenges, both mental and physical, including the professional and leadership skills they will need as officers to keep themselves, their shipmates and their ships safe. 

A foundation of the course has been the physical training such as circuit training, cross country runs and sports.  This helps to underpin another vital aspect of junior officer common training; the development of team work through such activities such as team sports, parade training and practical general drills. 

The maritime and naval environment is introduced though activities such as naval history lessons, instruction in naval customs and ceremonies. During their initial training, the trainee officers learnt discipline, how to look after themselves, their kit and their accommodation, and begin to understand and adopt the Navy core values of Courage, Commitment and Comradeship.  There is also a strong focus on leadership, which under pins a naval officer’s career.

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