Ships, Sailors, Parade!

Ships, Sailors, Parade!

Photo Caption:  Inshore Patrol Vessel HMNZS ROTOITI berths in Wellington on Friday morning, bringing the number of ships berthed in port to ten.

30 September 2011

With the arrival of HMNZS ROTOITI and TAUPO ten ships of the Royal New Zealand Navy are now berthed in Wellington. HMNZS RESOLUTION will arrive on Sunday to complete the fleet concentration.

Saturday marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Royal New Zealand Navy on 1 October 1941.  To celebrate the anniversary the Navy will hold a ceremonial changing of the Queen's Colour at Parliament Grounds, and will then parade through Wellington City to Civic Square with ‘with drums beating, band playing, colours flying, bayonets fixed and swords drawn.'

Media are invited to cover the parade, ceremony and open days which will take place Saturday and Sunday.

Programme – Saturday 1 October
1000 - 1200
 1000 – 1200, Changing of the Queen’s Colour, Parliament Grounds.

The ceremonial party will include two 100 person Royal Guards of Honour,  two Colour Guards and a number of platoons of personnel, including the RNZN Band. 

Since earliest times, warriors have carried standards or flags as a distinguishing mark and to serve as a rallying point during battle. Loss of the standard often meant defeat. Protection of the standard was vital to the cause and to the tradition of the unit, which it belonged.

The first naval colour was presented to the Royal Navy in 1924 and the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy in 1926. King George VI granted a new colour in 1936, which was replaced by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Following the introduction of the New Zealand White Ensign in 1968, a new colour was presented to the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) in 1970. This colour was replaced on 23 September 1991, in a ceremony at Queens Wharf, Wellington.

1200 - 1230
 Following the presentation of the New RNZN Queens Colour, the massed parade of the RNZN will march along Lambton Quay to Civic Square ‘with drums beating, band playing, colours flying, bayonets fixed and swords drawn’.
 Wellington Mayor welcomes the RNZN to Wellington – Civic Square.
1200 - 1600
1200 – 1600, Ships open to visitors, Queen’s Wharf and Taranaki Street Terminal. The ships will open to the public at midday with the final guests embarking at 1500 pm.

These self guided tours will be throughout various operational areas of the ships and may include ladders and narrow passageways. Flat, sturdy shoes are encouraged.

Ships open to visitors:


HMNZS Canterbury

HMNZS Wellington


HMNZS Rotoiti

Ships participating in the Review

 TE MANA - F111

Fleet Replenishment Vessel
Multi-Role Sealift Vessel
Offshore Patrol Vessels
 OTAGO – P148

Inshore Patrol Vessels
 PUKAKI – P3568

ROTOITI – P 3569

TAUPO – P 3570

HAWEA – P 3571
Hydrographic Vessel
Note: Diving Support Vessel MANAWANUI will remain in Auckland during the review.

For further information contact: Andrew Cutler on 021 925 374


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