100,000th visitor to Torpedo Bay Navy Museum facilities

100,000th visitor to Torpedo Bay Navy Museum facilities

Photo caption: Commander David Wright, Director Navy Museum, with Debbie, Evelyn Napier the 100,000th visitor to the Navy Museum and Caris Boos the Programme Coordinator.

Friday, 9 September 2011

At 1 p.m. on Wednesday the 8th of September, exactly 11 months from opening day, Torpedo Bay Navy Museum welcomed its 100,000th visitor.

It was already a special day for Mrs. Evelyn Napier of Northcote, who was celebrating her 81st birthday.  Having heard about it from her neighbour, Evelyn chose to visit Torpedo Bay for the Navy Museum and because she wanted a beautiful place to go for her birthday.  Being the Navy Museum’s 100,000th visitor was something she says she’ll remember for a long time.

Evelyn was accompanied by her daughter Debbie and received a $50 voucher for the Torpedo Bay Café, where she can sit with the beautiful views she came to enjoy.

The Torpedo Bay Navy Museum is situated at the end of King Edward Parade, Devonport and is open to the public 10am–5pm, 7 days a week.

Navy Museum History

The Navy Museum had its beginnings in one of the green huts located along the waterfront of HMNZS Philomel. There was a small section of one of the huts with space to display some objects. On 5 May 1982 the Museum was opened at Spring Street after relocation from the green huts. Displays were created and at the same time a collections store was established to be the depository for the Museum’s collection. 

Over 28 years the museum remained at Spring Street and the displays grew and changed as the collection expanded. In 2000 there was an increase in staff as the scope of the Museum grew which included educational programmes and a full-time collections management team. The Museum also published The Raggie a monthly magazine which was followed by The White Ensign.

In 2008 plans began to develop the site at Torpedo Bay. On 28 September 2009, the project was handed to Mainzeal to develop the site and refurbish the main shed and carpenters’ shop as the Museum and administration buildings. This site has links to New Zealand’s naval history stretching back to the nineteenth century when a submarine mining base was built as part of the Auckland harbour defences. ' 

The new site at Torpedo Bay has increased the object display area fourfold along with a dedicated teaching space and has enabled us to tell the story of the Royal New Zealand Navy on a site that has a close relationship with our national military history.


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