NZ Special Operations Forces support Afghan Police in resolving insurgent attack on Kabul hotel

29 June 2011

On 28 June at 2230 hrs local time the Afghan Police Crisis Response Unit supported by their New Zealand Special Operations Partnering Forces engaged a number of insurgents who had launched a complex night attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul.

During this action two members of the NZ Special Operations Forces received moderate injuries and their next of kin have been informed. Throughout the operation small arms fire and explosions were encountered. An ISAF helicopter with a sniper team was utilised to engage insurgents on the roof of the hotel.

At 0300 a fire started on the fifth floor of the hotel, most likely as a result of explosives set off by the insurgents. By 0630, first light, clearance of the hotel was completed with a number of insurgents killed. 

No further comment on this is planned by the NZ Defence Force at this time.


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