Malteser madness donation to Waiouru foodbank

Malteser madness donation to Waiouru foodbank

Caption: Waiouru Community Services Manager, Carol Hyland receives a cheque and a bag of Maltesers from Waiouru Service Delivery Manager, Iain Brown. 

3 June 2011

It’s not often that you get to enjoy some little round balls of chocolate on your way to making a donation for the welfare of locals who may have fallen on temporary hard times. However, that is exactly what has just happened at Waiouru over the last couple of weeks.

The NZ Defence Force was approached by Mars New Zealand and asked if they could find a way of using a number of boxes of Maltesers that were available for this purpose.  It was agreed that rather than just give the product away Defence would sell the product at a very reasonable price to personnel on the basis the proceeds would be donated to local food banks.

As a result Defence Shared Services (DSS) staff at Waiouru were given 240 packets of Maltesers to sell. “In fairness,” said DSS Manager Iain Brown, “A small number of boxes did manage to escape the early clutches of staff in the Waiouru Admin Centre but the uptake was spontaneous and swift and few were left for anyone else.”

As a result $480 was raised and this has been donated to a fund administered by Carolyn Hyland at the local Community Support Office in Waiouru. Nationally $5,760 was raised which was donated to food banks around the country.

For the past two years, and again this year, Defence has supported food banks throughout the country through a charity campaign called Mission Kiwi Can.

This year Mission Kiwi Can, which will be held from 4-15 July, will encourage Defence personnel to donate canned food and hold fund raising activities to raise cash that will be donated to local food banks around the country.


For further information contact Ally Clelland, Defence Communications Group, 021 569 130.


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