Court Martial for senior rating

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Court Martial of New Zealand will sit at 9am on Monday 13 June 2011 at the Seminar Centre, HMNZS PHILOMEL, Devonport.

A senior rating is facing the following charges for incidents that occurred on HMNZS ENDEAVOUR:

  • While on watch without lawful excuse absenting himself
  • Negligently signing an inaccurate document relating to a matter affecting the safety of a service ship (alternative charge - making a false official document)
  • While on watch being drunk (alternative charge - failing to comply with written orders)
  • Being in possession of alcoholic liquor
  • Stealing service property

As the evidence relating to the charges is sub judice, no further information relating to the charge or the ranks and names of the personnel involved will be promulgated at this time.


Point of contact for all media inquiries is Lieutenant Sarah Campbell, Senior Media Adviser-Navy on 021 244 0638, from Wednesday the 8th onwards.

Media wishing to attend Court Martial -For security reasons, please note that we require names of all personnel intending to visit the base in advance, and on the day photographic identification will also be required.  An escort will be provided on arrival.  Written authorisation is also required for any “expanded media coverage” of the court-martial.

Journalists wishing to attend this Court Martial should note that they must be fully informed of each day’s events and not rely on NZDF personnel to tell them of the Court’s proceedings, or tell them of a verdict. Journalists must be in Court to cover its proceedings. Any breach of a Court Martial’s suppression order/s could result in contempt. 

Dress for attendees is tidy attire, men to wear ties, females to wear equivalent dress standard.

This page was last reviewed on 2 June 2011.